The speed the thoughts pop in my head is at times so high that my brain hardly ever processes them. I kinda begin to splutter and choke in this flow. When I manage to catch my “breath” and I start arranging everything in orderly pigeonholes, it turns out that the RAM “closet” is full. It’s like sorting the clothes out in the closet. Sometimes, for having something new you need to make room for it by taking out something old. As a rule, for me these are thoughts-philosophers. In my flow of thoughts, these are rather unaccomodating thoughts, which are always cramped and sometimes confronting each other. When in my mind there is not enough space for thoughts-philosophers, they get out of there and start jumping over the keys of the keyboard. Upon having found a new home in the texts, these thoughts leave me in peace.

However, you can deal with thoughts-ideas in a different manner – just transfer such a thought to another mind. Every idea in my mind has its priority. And even upon starting to consistently realize these ideas, you may never reach some item with a low priority. That is because while realizing some points, new ideas arise and break in with their priority into this mental list, pushing some ideas into the background. And when you understand you won’t be able to realize some idea, but, damn, but you are sorry to part with it, then you can just transfer this bright idea to someone by saying, “You know, it would be cool if someone created…” And that’s it, now this though puzzles someone else, making a room in the plan.

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