Michael Jackson – sexual energy phenomenon

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A book in Russian is sold in Ozon , Labirint and book store “Moscow”.


Mr. Jackson, in a short time, managed to do what no other man – real or produced by my imagination – has ever done. Thanks to him, a storm of feelings and emotions I had never imagined existed, raised inside me.

Katherine Mask.

This book is about the genius Artist, the great Human, the generous Humanitarian, the eternal Child, and the caring Father. The book about the boy, the brave, unafraid to take a step, then one more, and more. And so, the moonwalk became the talk of the whole world. 

But this book is about a Man before everything. It is about irresistible, unharnessed, sensual energy radiating from his every move, look, breath, or curls. Those who were lucky to become acquainted with him, connect with his creativity, and discover his inner world, were under a truly magic influence beyond compare.

But what was his mystique?

Delving into the world of moonwalkers, as Michael Jackson fans call themselves, Katherine Mask, with the great spirit of a diligent analyst, with the skill of a meticulous researcher and the talent of a modern writer, discloses her vision of MJ’s mystique.

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