I read something interesting in stories of Michael Jackson fan-account. A fan girl told that a new teacher came to her class. The teacher accidentally told her later, that she was Michael Jackson fan, too! The girl was glad. Now this teacher is her favorite teacher in school, and they are friends.

A long time ago, when I was just starting to discover Michael Jackson world, I was fascinated, that love for him unites people all over the world, of every gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation etc. Michael erases all the boundaries. I even wrote about it in my book about him. I have never had interlocutors of such a wide age range before, from 14 to 65. I often discussed this idea with other fans, and they always agreed. But the day I read the story about the teacher, I got another idea. That Michael connects is with invisible string, makes us kin to each other.

People say: you don’t choose your kin. It’s about your family. Your aunt, or your cousin, or even your brother, or your own parents can be weird, but you usually stay in touch with them, because they are your relatives. You know, that if such a person wasn’t your kin, you would never communicate with them. Thinking about my “inner circle” of fans, I understand how diverse they are. They are people of different age, nationality, sexual orientation, and, of course, character. I am sure, that I would never communicate them online or even meet them offline without Michael. “We have nothing in common” – I would think. And even if I connected with somebody of them, our interaction would finish after hitting a first bump of disagreement.

What is my “inner circle”? They are those fans, with whom we have once started communication by chance, but then our contact – for various and often strange reasons – grew into a closer one. Now we share not only fan information, but also personal moments from our real lives.

When I started communication with people, whom I call “inner circle” now, I didn’t know neither their age, nor nationality, nor sexual orientation. They all were just folks, who loved Michael and who wanted to keep in touch with others, who love Michael too. I used to think that my character, my creeds and prejudices will never make me able to communicate with people like them. But where are all these things now? I see they are gone. In a dialogue with somebody of my “inner circle” sometimes we are going to have a fight. I get fury and start to type a text- or record a voice-message that will exactly hurt other person and may sever our ties. But then comes a moment when I sense this person’s warm feeling to Michael, I see the smile and tears, I see a heart full of love, and then I delete the text and I cancel the voice. I don’t have a dialogue inside my head this moment; I don’t persuade or press myself. No. Nothing like this happens. Nothing at all. My wish to “strike back” just leaves me. All my indignation, anger, jealousy or other feeling that motivated me to argue, just disappears.

And I realized this: Michael shows us all that love is the only true feeling, which cleans us from all the crap that has stuck to us since birth, through our upbringing, the imposition of beliefs, the brainwash of the media, the politicians, teachers, friends feeding us with information. I think that if everyone loved Michael, no one would think of killing each other. Michael takes us to a magical world where there is no inequality, no oppression, no armed conflict, the pristine world where love defines everything. Michael shows us how people should communicate actually. More importantly, we really can communicate, despite we all are so different, from different countries, some of which are officially hostile. You may think that ones from these countries should hate each other according to the information laid down by the brainwashing media… But no! We communicate perfectly well, and we understand that all people are the same, and that these divisions into some groups are invented only to control us, to force us into conflict, destroying each other. Inequality is the weapon they use to destroy love, to destroy people, to destroy the world.

The same day that I read the story about the teacher, on the page of another fan account in my subscriptions I saw a post. The fan apologized that his page might be inactive for a while, since he joined the resistance against the Taliban, who were trying to capture his city. As it turned out, this account was from Afghanistan. War, resistance, death… this all happens when somebody tries to break inequality. You realize that behind accounts with the same message of love another life hides, where people are not united by love, the life where people are nothing but divided. And you realize why so much energy has been devoted to fight against Michael, and to fight against his legacy now. To fight against us.

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