Contempt sandwich

Why contempt? Since by the time I have to eat it, I have contempt for every bit of it – the hard-crust bread that will scratch the palate, the soft, melting butter having just the taste of fat, and the culmination of the time passed is the hardened and yellowish slice of cheese upper side. If anything you can still try to breathe new life to the cheese, at least visually, turning it upside down, messing yourself in oiled butte, then bread is nothing but trouble. When biting off such a sandwich, you have to immediately follow with coffee which was warmed up in the microwave probably for the seventh time so far. If you hold this bite and sip in your mouth, then the bread will soften a little so that you can chew it and then swallow, while swallowing a bite-sized piece of your pride.

Why not just throw such a sandwich in the garbage? Since one “thought-philosopher” about starving people is pecking your mind. Or some other similar thought. Thus, I believe everyone has had their own “contempt sandwich” just once in their life, or has yet to be.

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